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(posted on 5 May 2024)

The 2024 Westman Region Juried Art Show hosted by the Hamiota Mid-West Art Club in the Kenton Community Hall on April 28th was a smash hit!  Over 100 pieces of amazing art, a beautiful venue and a large crowd of viewers made the show a wonderful success.  Thank you to all the organizers, our 2024 Jurors Leona Herzog and Ben Davis, the artists for submitting such a delightful variety of work and to the public and local news media for their ongoing promotion and support! 

River Banner May 3rd News Article

Discover Westman April 29th news article

Discover Westman April 28th News Article


(posted on 16 Apr 2024)

Last chance to see the top 20 picks on display from last years Westman Region Juried Art Show.  The works are hanging in the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium here in Brandon from April 3 through 30th.  Big thanks to our volunteers for hanging all the works and especially for climbing up and down scarily tall ladders to move into place all the chains the works hang on!  Stop by to view all this amazing art created by our Westman Region artists!



Thank-you Brandon Sun for the great news article showcasing our annual Juried Art Show. Please click here to view Brandon Sun's Westman artshow hightlights local artists write-up.  Categories for the entries include Drawing (any medium), Painting (any medium), Printmaking, Silkscreen, Scratch Art, Mixed Media and 2D Fibre Art.  Open to all Westman Region creatives who do not make a full-time living from their artworks - there are two youth categories (ages 11-13 and 14-19) and one adult category (age 20+).  Deadline to Enter is April 17th - and we are looking forward to seeing all your entries! 

Pick up that paintbrush and get creating - just a couple more months until the Westman Region 2024 Juried Art Show!  Check out DiscoverWestman's informative news article about our Juried Art Show.   Don't miss your chance to participate in this years show - click here for further details and entry form.

(posted on 6 Dec 2023)

Challenge yourself for the April 2024 Westman Region Juried Art Show!  Give yourself a chance to shine and connect with other artists by participating in the upcoming 2024 Westman Region Juried Art Show! Check out DiscoverWestman's news coverage about this annual event.   Don't miss your chance to participate in this years show - further details and entry forms are here on our website .


Thank-you DiscoverWestman for the great news coverage!  Click on Travelling Art Gallery makes the rounds while new creations emerge for 2024 show to view their insightful news article on our annual Travelling Gallery Juried Art Show.  Want a chance at being part of our travelling gallery? Enter our Juried Art Show - details and entry form available here on our website 

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